Rocketballz driver or r11s

Driver taylor made r11 drivers taylor made golfbidder. Taylormade r11 driver shafts products for sale ebay. Taylormade updated the original r11s and rocketballz line with the trendier r1 and stage 2 rocketballz products. Find golf club tradein and resales values for over 4,000 models of used golf clubs at the pga value guide, from leading manufacturers such as callaway, taylormade, taylor made, titleist, ping, odyssey, nike, cleveland, mizuno, cobra, adams, wilson. Austin vp and low single digit handicap tests out the new 2012 taylormade rocketballz and r11s drivers to give you an idea of the what sort of player would play which driver. For some testers, this meant that one or both of the stage 2 drivers performed better than the r1. Taylormade r11 s driver the taylormade r11 s driver is faster, longer and more tunable than ever. This driver is faster and longer than the original rocketballz driver. The rbz stage 2 drivers have larger faces and different center of gravity positions than taylormades pricer, more adjustable r1 driver.

This process saved three grams of weight, making the clubhead even faster through impact. Check out detailed product specs for each golf club set by year. Austin vp and low single digit handicap tests out the new 2012 taylormade rocketballz and r11s drivers to give you an idea of the what sort. This allows eight fine tuning adjustments of the launch angle by increasing or decreasing the loft by up to 1. Taylormade retailer golf mart airport in san diego. Stock rocketballz graphite iron aw, sw, lw shaft weight 105g. Testing the 2012 taylormade rocketballz and r11s drivers. Incredibly accurate adjustment of launch angles can be had with taylormades amazing flight control technology fct on this 460cc club head. I think that to get the full benefit of the r11s you will need to be fit on a launch monitor. The rocketballz price point is a bit below that of the r11s but still provided a great experience.

With the r11 driver, players can adjust the loft, face angle, and flight path for up to 100 yards of sidetoside trajectory change and 500 rpm back spin change. The taylormade rocketballz driver features taylormades flight control technology fct in a large 460cc head for any player looking for maximum distance and forgiveness. With the 10g weight in the heel and the 1g weight in the toe, youll get more of a draw bias ball flight. I just had the chance to hit, side by side, the r11s rbz and my r11 tp. Get the best deals on taylormade r11 driver shafts when you shop the largest online selection at. For many golfers who like taylormade clubs, the issue is which one to actually purchase r11s or rbz. Rocketballz driver rocketballz tour driver rocketballz fairway wood rocketballz tour fairway rocketballz rescue burner sf 2. At my club among golfers who used taylormade drivers the rocketballz ruled over the r11s by a two to one margin.

The new rocketballz fairway, and almost certainly the rocketballz hybrid, will very likely prove to be two of the standout performers of 2012. The taylormade rbz rocketballz driver succeeds the burner superfast 2. The club looks great but the grip does not feel right compared to my previous driver from call away. Spring 2012 shaft options flex weight torquetip size trajectory tip profile swing tempo. I hit them all with my talamonti pd70 x so that there would be an established baseline and comparison of apples versus apples. Taylormade has notably been the leader in drivers out on tour and in retail shops. The club head utilizes a triangular shape appearance that provides a higher moi and a deeper, fartherforward cg position. Rocketballz is 460cc in size to maximize forgiveness. The rocketballz rbz stage 2 driver has an expanded clubface that gives the golfer substantially more face area. I think just about every tm tour player switched over to the r11s, and i can see why. One of the most iconic brands in golf, taylormade, provided two excellent 2012 driver models for golfers. Similar with any taylormade wood, the r11s features an all white crown with black clubface. Find golf club tradein and resales values for over 4000 models of used golf clubs at the pga value guide, from leading manufacturers such as callaway.

I would not recommend and it is frankly an expensive purchase. Finally, the taylormade rbz stage 2 driver is completed with a fujikura rocketfuel shaft and lightweight grip. Caracteristiques et avantages du driver taylormade r11 s. The rbz tour driver is going to help players with higher swing speeds reduce or optimize their spin rates. With an updated look, technology and cool color scheme, be sure to check out the new products from taylormade. While the r11s family seems to receive most of the tmag driver buzz, we are looking towards the rocketballz driver to be the 2012 darkhorse of the year. Taylormade rbz rocketballz driver wood set 3,5,7 10. Taylormades fct allows players to easily adjust the loft 1. One year later, taylormade upgrades its most popular.

Oh my husband is so happy with his rocketballz rbz clubs. These are the set to have if you are serious about improving your game. Great club for a person who is not just a beginner but not a professional either. Taylormade r11s driver while last seasons r11 had a red adjustable plate on the sole that allowed golfers to choose from three face angles, the r11s has five settings. Like the taylormade r11s, the rocketballz driver features same flight control technology shaft tip. Taylormade debuts rocketballz, r11s lines of clubs golf. The r11s driver can perhaps be considered the flagship driver of the impressive taylormade line. This wrench may be used for r9, r11 or r11s hybrids, woods and drivers as well. New taylormade rbz rocketballz driver wrench compatable with r9 r11 r11s rbz r15 ebay. Taylormade retailer golf mart airport at 3877 pacific hwy in san diego, california 92110. Taylormade introduced the first steelheaded woods in golf, and they have been on the leading edge of technological innovation in the golf industry ever since. The r11 was the most successful launch in the modern golf era. Get the best deals on rbz driver when you shop the largest online selection at. The taylormade r11s driver features plenty of innovation on the 460 cc club head design.

Taylormade retailer marsh creek properties at 169 marshside dr in st. Lets take a closer look at the r11s and the rocketballz. The rocketballz driver boasts a larger appearance at address with a standard face height, while the rocketballz tour driver is midsized at address with a deeper face. Some will not care for the graphics, and the sound isnt as muted on the nontour model as some others we tested. Engineered to provide aggressive styling and powerful performance, the rbz black driver features a large, 460cc titanium head construction for playability and confidence. Hoping to continue with the fantastic success of the rocketballz driver taylormade has released the rocketballz stage 2 driver. Although the fairway wood and hybrid are nonadjustable, the rocketballz driver has an adjustable hosel with eight loftlie angle settings. Experience the next generation of rbz with the taylormade rbz black driver. If im being honest about my own excitement level about the spring 20 products from taylormade, the rbz stage 2 driver is the one spot where im not feeling it. Rocketballz tour fairway rocketballz rescue burner sf 2.

While i cant say it with quite the same degree of confidence, the r11s, and rocketballz drivers both look to be outstanding as well. The new r11s driver and fairway metals is a step up from its predecessor, which from all the tour success, luke donald. The taylormade r11s driver is a refined version of the previous r11 driver. Three golf monthly readers become the first amateur golfers to be fitted for the taylormade r11 driver and fairway wood and the rocketballz. Face angle adjustment to five different angles by using the adjustable sole plate technology. As an average golfer 18 handicap it gave me about 10 yards more on average. So you can adjust your rocketballz driver up or down in loft by. Caracteristiques et avantages du driver taylormade r11. Flight control technology allows loft adjustment of 1. Get a great deal on your new or used taylormade driver when you trade in your used clubs with one of the best online golf club tradein programs available, right here at. The taylormade r11 driver comes in two different configurations like all taylormade drivers, a standard version and a tour preferred tp model. The improved aerodynamics reduces drag and promotes faster clubhead speed. The bottom line is these are all clubs you should be trying for.

At address it has a more rounded head and it sits behind the ball very nicely and the white headblack face colour scheme makes it very easy to align. The small changes that taylormade introduced with this driver has made for. A thickthin crown design creates a lower center of gravity, which promotes higher launch for more. From irons to drivers, learn the history and evolution of taylormade models over the years. The key changes are the adjustable hosel that now has an extra 0. When you do, you will be able to see improvements with the r11s. Taylor made rocketballz driver taylor made drivers. Taylormade also had the first titanium golf driver in the winners circle of a golf major mark omeara, 1998 masters, ti. The taylormade r11 driver features ultimate optimization with 3 different adjustable dimensions. The tour head looks more compact at address and the face is much deeper than the standard rocketballz driver. Taylormade debuts rocketballz, r11s lines of clubs. The small changes that taylormade introduced with this driver has made for super results. R11 tp vs r11s vs rbz general equipment talk mygolfspy.

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